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Securall® Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms are designed to offer protection in strong wind events such as Tornados and Hurricanes, but there are also many other types of severe wind events that are less commonly known yet are still strong enough to knock down trees, overturn vehicles and destroy buildings. Events such as Microbursts, Macrobursts, Derechos and other events produce downbursts with winds exceeding 100MPH with recent events recording winds near 130MPH. Many times these wind events are associated with bands of showers or thunderstorms and are most common in the US Midwest and plains areas. Many times these events can arise and offer little warning before they hit. Immediate access to an on-site Tornado Shelter or Safe Room is critical when nature surprises us with severe weather and winds.


Securall® Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms are Built in Accordance with specifications set forth by FEMA, the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), and the International Code Council (ICC). Our tornado shelters comply with the recommendations established in the documents: FEMA 320 - Taking Shelter from the Storm (written in conjunction with Texas Tech's Wind Engineering Research Center) and ICC-500. Securall Tornado Safe's FEMA 320/361/ICC-500 Proprietary Wall Assembly & FEMA 320/ICC-500 door assembly was tested and successfully passed missile impact resistance tests at Texas Tech University’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center.


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